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Lola Monroe - Louis Gucci Fendi tekst piosenki

Wykonawca: Lola Monroe

[Lola Monroe]
Monroe...What up, Los?

What it do, Luv?

What you want me to do?

You already know, GET EM!

Let's Go!

Beamer, Benz or Bentley interior decked in Fendi/
Grill sittin' pretty, Kimora, Aoki, Ming Lee/
Rims pokin' out like some silicon sittin' fitties/

Drop them grands, they have them fittin' now niggas wanna come get me.
Lipstick rims like them ? by a lesi/
But its something bout a chevy, when I give him that becky/
Keep him bustin like he runnin', never petty like a penny/
When he want it ain't no "lemme" he just say it and go hammy.
He go ape shit on me, fuck me to a coma/
Say the pussy taste like candy and it got a sweet aroma/
I said "you might need a soda", he said "i dont need a chaser"/
Took a shot and then he said he only ? chase his paper.
Take a breaker like a raker but i bake it like baker/
I be flippin' like my daddy stay up for that fuckin paper, pay her/
I am misses blanco i need all that gwapaponzo/
Check the beamer, benz or bentley sittin' outside of my condo.